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GÜZELYURT (Morphou): means the beautiful country obviously referring to the green colour and the citrus trees. Settlement in this area dates back to Earl Bronzer Age. Güzelyurt is situated northwest of Cyprus and has the best panoramic view of Mediterranean blue waters and Troodos Mountains together in North Cyprus. Güzelyurt area is proud of its citrus gardens and strawberry fields.


Places to go in Güzelyurt:

  1. Archaeological and Natural History Museum
  2. St Mamas Monastery and Church
  3. Soli Ruins
  4. Vouni Palace
  5. Tumba Tou Skuru Residental Area
  6. Petra Tou Limnidi
  7. Pigades Temple
  8. Ayios Georgios Maronite Church
  9. Piri Osman Pasha Mosque
  10. Town of Lefke
  11. Or just pick the oranges from the tree

Springtime or Autumn are the best times to visit this particular part of Cyprus when the fruit trees are in full bloom or when all the citrus fruits (orange, lemon etc.) and vegetables for which the area is famous being harvested.

The most delicious oranges of Cyprus are those from Lefke which located at west of Güzelyurt city. Forests overspread on this greenest plato of North Cyprus. Especially east part of Güzelyurt starting from Akdeniz village until Middle East Technical University, pine forests covers quite big area. First golf course of Cyprus, Cengiz Topel Golf club is located at west of Güzelyurt. You will enjoy shopping in the old streets and benefit from quite cheap prices. The area is rich with pre historic ruins and tombs as well as St Mamas Church. One of these is Soli which dates back to 6th century BC. The Tombs of Kings in akdeniz village belongs to 5th century BC. There are two universities in the area. First Lefke European University is founded. Second university in the area is Middle East Technical University. The university started education in 2005. The construction of the campus is continuing. The university will be the biggest university of Cyprus when the whole campus completed.

On Saturday when the weekly market takes over the entire city.  You can buy anything at the market from a locally hand produced carpet to an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables which are all grown locally and mainly organically.  It seems as though the market sprawls from the market square to take over the entire city because everyone comes from the nearby towns and villages to sell and trade, to buy and browse and the car parks are full, the buses are heavily laden and the atmosphere is fantastic. 

There are two particularly interesting tourism attractions in the city– St. Mamas’ Church and the Güzelyurt Museum of Archaeology and Nature…both are in the centre of city and you gain entry to both via the museum which is open daily until at least 4.30pm (later in the summer season).

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