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Activities North Cyprus

There are plenty of activities that you can enjoy throughout your holiday in North Cyprus where you can always ask to the Topset reception to arrange the activities for you.

Water Sports

North Cyprus Holiday Water Sports

North Cyprus Holiday Water Sports Several beaches in Kyrenia and Famagusta offer a variety of water sports ranging from water skiing, scuba diving, wind-surfing and jet skiing. Amphora Dive Center Nautilus Scuba Diving School


Paragliding North Cyprus Holiday

North Cyprus Holiday Water Sports Several beaches in Kyrenia and Famagusta offer a variety of water sports ranging from water skiing, scuba diving, wind-surfing and jet skiing. Amphora Dive Center Nautilus Scuba Diving School


North Cyprus Hotel Cycling Holiday Activity

In order to explore the country you don’t have to rent a car. Just ask to us to find you a bicycle for really a good price and even we can find a guide to you if you are a group more then 15 people.


Go-karting North Cyprus Holiday

It is a great fun to try go-karting, especially if you are with your children. Karting track in Alayköy, Nicosia has the European standards.

Horse Riding

Top Set Hotel Horse riding holiday North Cyprus

There are several stables offering riding lessons in the Kyrenia and Famagusta areas. Some of them also allow customers to hire horses to take out.


Top Set Hotel Caving North Cyprus

There are several caves in North Cyprus that you are free to explore. Guvercinlik cave is near Alevkayasi and access to the cave involves some fairly difficult climbing. The most beautiful cave is Incirli cave has a hundred meter long passage which contains an amazing collection of stalactites and stalagmites.

Historical Tours

Historical Tours North Cyprus

Cyprus is the open air museum. There are lot to see and to experience. While you are having your holiday in north Cyprus you will amaze to find out our different history. click here for history of Cyprus


Top Set Hotel Trekking North Cyprus Mountains

Hiking tours for people of all ages are organised be a number of centres in the Kyrenia area. All walks endeavour to show walkers interesting natural and historical features. It is essential that you wear proper grooved walking shoes. You must also take your own water, a hat and a hiking stick is advisable.

Birds Watching

North Cyprus Holiday Bird Watching

KUŞKOR is a Society for the Protecti on of Birds in Northern Cyprus. They will advise you of where and when to go.

Turtle Watching

Hotel North Cyprus Turtle Watching

There are number of beaches along the north coast where Loggerhead and Green Turtles lay their eggs in the sand. If you wish to join a group to watch them, click here for fauna and flora for more information.

Flora & Fauna

Top Set Hotel North Cyprus Orchids

Each year the country offers its endemic Cypriot orchid and other orchid spices to experience it. Maureen & Tony Hutchinson; click here for flora and fauna for more information.


Paintball North Cyprus Hotel Activities

Paintball is a game with full of excitement and adrenaline it is an activity which you can share with your friends and enjoy in the open air. Paintball contains all the characteristics of the batter fields. However, the difference is that you enjoy it and the worst thing that can happen to you is that you get paint.


Golfing Holiday in North Cyprus

Korineum golf club is situated on the Coast at the foot of The Five Finger Mountain in Esentepe. It is proud to be the first 18 hole golf course in Northern Cyprus.

Body, Mind & Sprit

Top Set Hotel Yoga North Cyprus

Not all of the hotels in North Cyprus offer you a place or contact numbers that you can heal your mind, body and sprit. Since 2004, we are welcoming spiritual, personal development and yoga practitioners groups which all have trained teachers all over the world. Conny Larson: Vedic Mantra Meditation Teacher. Helen Fields: Reflexologist and licensed trainer for Susan Jeffers PhD workshops. Viola Edwards: Life coaching and Re-Birthing Trainer.


Cinema Guide North Cyprus

There are very good cinemas in North Cyprus. They show recently released films mainly from the West. Films are usually changed every week and are shown with their original soundtracks and Turkish subtitles.


North Cyprus Hotel Casinos

Why not try to spend money for nothing… we have plenty of casinos in Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta.


Bowling North Cyprus

There is bowling alleys in Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta.


North Cyprus Festivals Folk Dance

North Cyprus has plenty of festivals and concerts through out a year. Most known ones are as follow:In Famagusta; International Famagusta Festival: Music, Theatre, Ballet, Visual Arts from all over the world. In Kyrenia; North Cyprus International Bellapais Music Festival: World’s best performers of chambers music, chorus music, recitals and others. International Spring & Autumn Concerts: Organised by North Cyprus Association of Music Friends. Olive Festival by Kyrenia Municipality: Olive festival with exhibitions, folk dances, concerts, traditional games, theatres. In Güzelyurt; Güzelyurt Orange Festival: Folk music and dances, car rally, fashion show, concerts and others. Iskele Festival: Since 1968

Sea and Sun

Top Set Hotel Sea and Sun North Cyprus Holiday

Or you can do nothing but lounge lazily under the warm Cyprus sun and get chilly in Crystal Clear Mediterrenian Sea. Except from our hotel beach, some of the popular ones are as follow: Kervansaray Beach: It is public beach. Escape Beach: There is an entrance fee and it takes from hotel to beach 15 minutes by car. (West of Kyrenia) Sunset Beach: There is an entrance fee (West of Kyrenia) Alagadi Beach : Alagadi is East of Kyrenia, before Esentepe village, You will see the sign left side of the main road. It is the beach where the turtles nesting.